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Information Resources

These information resources include links to wind energy videos, audio files, and publications.

A photo of the wind turbine next to the greenhouse.

Ponderosa High School administrators in Flagstaff, Arizona have taken on projects like the greenhouse and the renewable energy installation and a number of others around their campus in order to make it a school of opportunity and a school that's a great example for others.

Success Stories

Read about the Stakeholder Engagement and Outreach initiative's success stories.

Stakeholder Interviews

Read about various stakeholders' perspectives of the wind industry.

Lessons Learned

Learn from others' experiences.


A list of the Stakeholder Engagement and Outreach initiative's publications as well as many other wind industry publications.


A series of webinars on current wind energy issues. Audiovisual files and text versions of each webinar are available.


A series of radio interviews on wind energy aimed at a rural stakeholder audience.


Links to videos about wind energy.

Wind Working Groups

Contact information for state Wind Working Groups. Wind Working Groups form strategic alliances to communicate wind's benefits and challenges to state stakeholders.

Economic Impact Studies

Studies about the economic impact of wind farms in rural communities. The studies explore the types of information gathered when undertaking an economic impact study, what kind of information is most helpful in using these studies to further promote wind energy development in rural communities, and the limitations on collecting data for these studies.

Wind Turbine Ordinances

A collection of wind turbine ordinances that state and local governments and policymakers can use when drafting a new wind energy ordinance.