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School Wind Project at Williams Elementary-Middle School

Here you will find information about the school wind energy project at Williams Elementary-Middle School. You can locate other school wind projects for K-12, community colleges, universities, and more on our Google Map.

Williams Elementary-Middle School

601 N. 7th Street

Williams, AZ 86046

United States


Size: 2.4 kW

Technology: Skystream 3.7

Type: K-12

Wind for Schools Type: Wind for Schools Project

Status: Operating

Commission Date: October 04, 2011

More Information

Williams News. "Wind power comes to WEMS." (October 4, 2011).

Williams News. "Wind generator technology to be installed at Williams Elementary-Middle School." (March 15, 2011).


The Williams Unified School District hopes to offer wind energy curricula as soon as the start of the 2011-2012 school year. Students will assemble the blades while professionals will erect the tower. Wind energy will be introduced to the elementary grades and high school curriculum will include maintenance, analysis of energy, and wind energy applications across subjects from math to science to GIS.

The wind turbine was erected on the Williams Elementary/Middle School campus in early October 2011, launching the U.S. DOE's Wind for Schools project in the rural Arizona school district. Middle school students will perform engineering activities and learn about wildlife and siting concepts with the support of staff and university students from Northern Arizona University's Wind for Schools project team. NextEra Energy Resources, which is constructing a wind farm north of Williams, funded the turbine installation. WestWind Solar performed the installation.

Project Content Last Updated: April 25, 2012