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Wind Energy Education or Training Program at Virginia Wind Application Center (James Madison University)

Here you will find information about the wind energy educational program or training at Virginia Wind Application Center (James Madison University). You can locate other wind energy educational programs or training on our Google Map.

Virginia Wind Application Center (James Madison University)

701 Carrier Drive, MSC 4201

Harrisonburg, VA 22807-2543

United States


Size: 1 kW

Technology: Bergey XL.1

Type: University

Wind for Schools Type: Wind Application Center

Status: Operating

Contact: Jonathan Miles, Department of Integrated Science and Technology

Phone: (540) 568-3044

More Information

About Wind Application Centers

Virginia Wind Energy Collaborative


James Madison University offers programs, majors, minors, and other academic opportunities that address wind energy and sustainable development and practices in general. The Integrated Science and Technology program which incorporates a three-semester senior project/thesis has supported wind-related efforts for undergraduates since 1998.

Project Content Last Updated: April 09, 2013