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Wind Energy Education or Training Program at Arizona State University

Here you will find information about the wind energy educational program or training at Arizona State University. You can locate other wind energy educational programs or training on our Google Map.

Arizona State University

University Drive and Mill Avenue

Tempe, AZ 85287

United States


Type: University

Status: In Development


Arizona State University is a recipient of a 20% Wind Energy Funding Opportunity Announcement award. The university will develop power-system-related, Web-based modules to attract high school students, electric-energy and power-systems curriculum for undergraduate and graduate students, and professional short courses for utility engineers.

The University also offers an after-school program for High School students and teachers entitled, Prime the Pipeline Project: Wind Energy. Participants will learn about wind energy and its uses. The hands-on project meets one afternoon per week for 8-9 weeks in fall and spring and a two-week summer institute.

Project Content Last Updated: March 03, 2011