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Wind Basics and Education

Learn about wind power, the Wind for Schools project and curricula, and locate higher education and training programs.

Learn about Wind

Learn about how wind energy generates power; where the best wind resources are; how you can get wind power; and how and where wind energy has increased over the past decade.

Wind for Schools Project

Wind Powering America's Wind for Schools project, which began in 2005 and ended in September 2013, worked to promote wind industry workforce development by focusing on K-12 and university educators and students to counter the trend of reduced numbers of U.S. students entering science and engineering fields. The project also raised awareness in rural America about the benefits of wind energy through wind energy curricula and on-site wind energy projects.

Collegiate Wind Competition

Learn about the competition that is engaging students from various engineering and business programs to provide them with real-world project experience as they prepare to enter the workforce.

School Wind Project Locations

Find locations of installed and planned school wind energy projects in the United States for K-12, community colleges, universities, and more.

Education and Training Programs

Find higher education and continuing education wind programs or training.

Curricula and Teaching Materials

Find links to curricula, tutorials, and teaching materials.


Find publications, news, and websites with information about schools and wind education.