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Policy Resources and Tools

This page lists wind-related policy resources and tools such as publications, Web resources, and news.

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6/17/2013 UT Publication
Econ. Dev.
Wind Development as 'Sustainable Entrepreneurship' [..More]
5/20/2013 Publication
Renewable Electricity Standards: State Success Stories [..More]
4/30/2013 Publication
Ramping Up Renewables [..More]
1/31/2013 Publication
Econ. Dev.
Community Wind Myths Fact Sheet [..More]
1/25/2013 News
Wind Energy PTC Extension Essential, Beneficial for Rural America, Entire U.S. [..More]


Distributed Wind Policy Comparison Tool

A Web-based Distributed Wind Policy Comparison Tool and Guidebook helps utilities and policymakers advance the market for on-site wind generation across the nation. The Web tool's financial model measures the impact of various policy combinations on distributed wind turbine project economics and can be used to rank the "best and worst" state markets for returns on investment for various project scenarios.