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Wind Turbine Ordinances

This page lists 136 state and local wind turbine ordinances. State and local governments and policymakers can use this collection of example wind turbine ordinances when drafting a new wind energy ordinance in a town or county without existing ordinances.

Due to increasing energy demands in the United States and more installed wind projects, rural communities and local governments with limited or no experience with wind energy now have the opportunity to become involved in this industry. Communities with good wind resources may be approached by entities with plans to develop the resource. Although these opportunities can create new revenue in the form of construction jobs and land lease payments, they also create a new responsibility on the part of local governments to create ordinances to regulate wind turbine installations. Ordinances are laws, often found within municipal codes that provide various degrees of control to local governments. These laws cover issues such as zoning, traffic, consumer protection, and building codes. Wind energy ordinances reflect local needs and wants regarding wind turbines within county or city lines and aid the development of safe facilities that will be embraced by the community. This Wind Energy Ordinances fact sheet provides an overview of elements found in typical wind energy ordinances to educate state and local government officials, as well as policy makers.

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AK Homer, Alaska Small Wind Ordinance  ...more
AK Kenai, Alaska Wind Turbine Ordinances  ...more
AZ Bullhead City, Arizona - Alternative Energy Systems Ordinance - Chapter 17 Sectrion 39  ...more
CA El Dorado, California Wind Turbine Ordinances  ...more
CA Kern County, California - Wind Energy Combining District - Chapter19 Section 64.140  ...more
CA Monterey, California - Small and Large Wind Energy Ordinance  ...more
CA Riverside County, California - Large Wind Energy Ordinance  ...more
CA Riverside County, California - Small Wind Energy Ordinance  ...more
CA San Diego County, California - Wind Energy Ordinance  ...more
IA Boone County, Iowa Wind Turbine Ordinances  ...more
IA Mason City, Iowa Wind Turbine Ordinances  ...more
IA Plymouth County, Iowa Wind Turbine Ordinances  ...more
ID Jefferson County, Idaho Wind Turbine Ordinances  ...more
IL Coles County, Illinois Wind Turbine Ordinances  ...more
IL Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs  ...more