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Agricultural Podcasts Archives - 2012

Wind Powering America and the National Association of Farm Broadcasters produces a series of radio interviews on wind energy aimed at a rural stakeholder audience. To subscribe, click on the PODCAST button below to open up the feed. Copy the URL from your browser's address bar into your podcast subscription software. For a list of podcast software, see Podcasting News' list of podcast software clients.


Title: Water Conservation Just One of Many Reasons to Support Wind Energy

Speaker: Dan McGuire, American Corn Growers Foundation consultant

Date: December 20, 2012

Running time: 3 minutes

Title: Schools Experience Benefits of Wind Energy Firsthand

Speaker: Ruth Douglas Miller, Kansas State University Wind Applications Center director and Darin Headrick, Greensburg, Kansas schools superintendent

Date: November 07, 2012

Running time: 3 minutes

Title: Community Hospital Rebuilds Better with Wind Energy

Speaker: Mary Sweet, Kiowa County Memorial Hospital administrator

Date: August 08, 2012

Running time: 2 minutes

Title: Wind Power Use No-Brainer for Hotel Owner

Speaker: Ron Wright, Greensburg, Kansas Best Western Night Watchman Inn owner

Date: July 24, 2012

Running time: 3 minutes

Title: Small Town Turns to Wind Energy to Rebuild, Revitalize Community

Speaker: Bob Dixson, mayor of Greensburg, Kansas

Date: June 25, 2012

Running time: 4 minutes

Title: Do Your Part in Securing a Sustainable Renewable Energy Future for America

Speaker: Larry Flowers, American Wind Energy Association deputy director for distributed and community wind

Date: May 01, 2012

Running time: 3 minutes

Title: REAP Success Provides Many Benefits for America

Speaker: Scott Collins, USDA New York Rural Development Energy coordinator

Date: April 03, 2012

Running time: 3 minutes

Title: Speak Up To Protect Successful Renewable Energy for America Program

Speaker: Tom Wind, professional engineer and owner of Wind Utility Consulting

Date: March 20, 2012

Running time: 3 minutes

Title: Renewable Energy for America Program Important, Beneficial Aspect of Farm Bill for Nation

Speaker: Andy Olsen, Environmental Law and Policy Center senior policy advocate and Sue Jones, Community Energy Partners president

Date: February 13, 2012

Running time: 5 minutes

Title: Keys to Local Wind Energy Development Success

Speaker: Rich VanderVeen, president of Mackinaw Power, LLC

Date: January 03, 2012

Running time: 2 minutes