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This page lists publications for New England. Some of the following documents are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Adobe Reader.

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2/1/2014 Publication
Green Power Procurement: A Guide to Developing and Implementing Greenhouse Gas Reduction Programs  ...more
2/1/2014 Publication
Exploring the Potential Business Case for Synergies between Natural Gas and Renewable Energy  ...more
12/12/2013 Publication
Supply Chain and Blade Manufacturing Considerations in the Global Wind Industry (Presentation)  ...more
12/9/2013 Publication
Clean Energy Manufacturing: U.S. Competitiveness and State Policy Strategies (Presentation)  ...more
3/1/2014 Publication
Small Wind
Small Wind World Report 2014  ...more
3/26/2014 Publication
Econ. Dev.
The Statewide Economic Impact of Wind Energy Development in Oklahoma: An Input-Output Analysis by Parts Examination  ...more
3/22/2010 Publication
Wind Powering America 2009 Activities Summary  ...more
5/1/2010 Publication
Poster: 80 and 100 Meter Wind Energy Resource Potential for the United States  ...more
5/1/2010 Publication
Poster: State Successes: Using Outreach and Eduction to Transcend Barriers to Wind Energy  ...more
5/26/2010 Publication
Econ. Dev.
Wind Turbine Manufacturers in the U.S.: Locations and Local Impacts  ...more

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