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Minnesota's Wind Energy and Video: Featured on NOW with Bill Moyers

Minnesota's Wind Energy and Video: Featured on NOW with Bill Moyers

Date: 12/13/2002

Location: MN

Contact: Michael Noble, Executive Director, Minnesotans for an Energy Efficient Economy, ME3

ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA — Minnesota's booming wind energy development was featured on NOW with Bill Moyers Friday, December 13, 2002 at 9 p.m. CT on PBS.

Wind power is now the world's fastest growing source of electricity, and Minnesota's role in that has been significant. In a release from the producer of NOW with Bill Moyers, Minnesota is recognized for its wind energy leadership. Following the beginnings of the American wind power industry in California in the early eighties, Minnesota was the first state to site modern utility-scale wind farms.  Now, Minnesota is the first state where farmers and small entrepreneurs are contributing to the rapidly-growing industry as owners.

From the producer:
America's reliance on energy from non-renewable sources has long concerned environmentalists, but more recently, big and small business owners, economists, government officials, and citizens from all walks of life have formed a growing chorus searching for solutions. NOW with Bill Moyers presents a profile of one such diverse community, in Southwest Minnesota, and features Michael Noble, executive director of Minnesotans for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ME3). It is Noble's goal to establish an aggressive national Renewable Energy Standard, to unite environmental, economic and governmental interests around wind power, to develop renewable electricity in Minnesota, and to do this in ways that provide direct benefits to the host rural communities. According to Noble, "Wind power's not a liberal issue, or a progressive issue. Wind power is an economic issue.  It's an issue of development.  It's an issue of opportunity.  Those are pretty traditional American values."

In addition to Noble, other Minnesotans interviewed in the PBS show are:

David Benson, Nobles County Commissioner and Chair, Minnesota Counties Energy Task Force; he lives 10 miles south of Worthington.

Dan Juhl, President, DanMar Associates, wind power entrepreneur and owner, Woodstock Wind Farm, Pipestone MN.

Roger and Richard Kas, owners of first farmer-owned utility-scale wind project in the country. They farm 800 acres of corn and soybeans in Pipestone County.

Jim Nichols, Lincoln County Commissioner, former State Senator and former Commissioner of Agriculture, and long-time wind advocate.

Today, over 300 MW of wind power are located in Minnesota, with current opportunities for as many as 1000 more in the near-term, and several thousand in the next decade or two.  Modern wind turbines are often installed on 80 meter towers, with 3 blades 36 meters long turning the generator. One such turbine can annually supply the amount of energy used by 650 typical Minnesota homes. Germany leads the entire world in installed wind capacity with over 10,000 megawatts. Minnesota's wind resource is far superior to Germany's.


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