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Wind Stakeholder Interview: Renewable Northwest Project

Rachel Shimshak and son

Rachel Shimshak (and son), Director of Renewable Northwest Project, Portland, Oregon.

Wind Stakeholder Interview: Renewable Northwest Project

Date: 7/1/2002

Location: Portland, OR

"Wind projects add clean, renewable energy to our electricity supply while supporting the Northwest's rural economy. That's a pretty good combination." Rachel Shimshak, Director of Renewable Northwest Project, Portland, Oregon.

The Renewable Northwest Project (RNP) is a regional advocacy group that promotes solar, wind, and geothermal esources in the four states of the Northwest (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana). Our members include environmental organizations, consumer groups, and energy companies. We work together to achieve a clean energy future for the Northwest.

The Northwest has a long history of progressive activity on public policy issues and the people have a strong quality of life ethic. We have a vast hydro system to serve over half of our energy needs, which has led to our rates being among the lowest in the nation. Our renewable energy base, and the great potential for new development of renewables like wind energy, works for the environmental and local economic interests, especially in our rural areas. The presence of the Bonneville Power Administration and its statutory requirement to encourage the development of renewable resources and the positive activities of PacifiCorp Power Marketing in acquiring large amounts of renewable resources in the region have helped create a renewable market here.

The people in the Northwest want clean energy and they should have the option to choose the type of energy resource they want to serve their energy needs. They are working to get that message through to the decision-makers at their utilities. Although, there are still barriers, including siting, transmission policy, and barriers in the short-term vs. long-term thinking of many decision-makers, we can keep the renewable energy development momentum going by dealing with the issues as they arise.

Our goal is to have the sustained, orderly development of renewables in the region such that 10% of our energy needs are met by new renewables by 2010. To accomplish this, we must continue to work relentlessly to reduce barriers and establish responsible public policies. Diverse coalitions with common goals are the key to responsible renewable policy development policies that promote renewables and continue to build a green market. The more good projects we have in the ground, the more people will be able to kick the tires and understand the benefits of renewables.

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