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Utah Wind Working Group

Link: Utah Wind Working Group

Date: 10/1/2001

Location: UT

The Utah Wind Working group was presented with the "Outstanding Wind Working Group" award at the 2010 Wind Powering America State Summit for creative excellence in communicating the wind opportunity to Utah stakeholders and for the group's successful efforts to expand wind development in Utah.

The Utah Wind Working Group is a group of over 250 diverse stakeholders facilitated by the Utah State Energy Program with support from Utah Clean Energy (a non-profit organization). Through collaboration and information sharing, the Utah Wind Working Group is helping communities throughout Utah make informed decisions on wind energy development.

Since its inception in 2001, the working group has brought together representatives from state and local governments, the wind industry, wind supporters, regulators, and interested citizens to collaborate and help pave the way for wind development across Utah. Some of the key highlights of the Utah Wind Working Group include:

  • The first-of-its-kind Utah Wind Outreach Training Course, developed by Utah Clean Energy with support from the State Energy Program, provided over 30 everyday citizens and professionals a unique opportunity to learn more about wind energy with the goal of becoming effective wind energy advocates in their communities. From stay-at-home moms and lawyers, to teachers and wildlife biologists, the 'Utah Wind Pioneers' are now able to inform others about the benefits of and opportunities surrounding Utah's untapped wind resource, while also dispelling common myths and misconceptions about wind energy. Utah Clean Energy and the Utah Wind Working Group continue to engage the Wind Pioneers throughout the state.
  • The Utah Model Wind Ordinance was developed following the passage of a legislative resolution, with input from numerous entities across the state. Several counties and cities have taken advantage of Utah's Model Wind Ordinance, which draws from established national practices for wind zoning and responsible development. The Utah Wind Working Group continues to educate and provide outreach to local governments and planning officials on the model ordinance.
  • Listserve The Utah Wind Working Group also provides a forum for information sharing and dissemination of wind news, research, and best practices. To join the listserve, send an email to both info@utahcleanenergy.org and dbeaudoin@utah.gov with Wind Working Group in the subject line.


Chris Tallackson, renewable energy manager, Utah Office of Energy Development

Phone: (801) 536-4280

Jeffrey Barrett, renewable energy coordinator, Utah Office of Energy Development

Phone: (801) 536-0210

This information was last updated on February 23, 2012