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Alaska Wind Working Group

Link: Alaska Wind Working Group

Location: AK

An Alaska Wind Working Group has been formed under Wind Powering America to identify specific state concerns, barriers, and obstacles to wind development in Alaska. The working group is currently focused on operations and maintenance of existing systems, improved modeling and design techniques as well as power quality and reliability on isolated micro-grids. The working group is a collaboration of government agencies, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and industries interested in wind development. You are welcome to participate in future meetings.


Rich Stromberg, wind project manager, Alaska Energy Authority

Phone: (907) 771-3053

Stephanie Nowers, facilitator, Alaska Wind Working Group, Renewable Energy Alaska Project

Phone: (907) 229-1982

Chris Rose, executive director, Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP)

Phone: (907) 929-7770

Small Wind Working Group

In January 2011, Alaska launched the Small Wind Working Group. It is a new focus and networking group for Alaska small wind issues (wind turbines less than 50 kilowatts). During the first meeting, hurdles to small wind development in the state were identified: the impact of severe weather (rime ice build-up, low temperature, turbulence, and bi-direction wind gusts), economical resource assessment, manufacturer support, stringent permitting requirements, and existing net metering laws. The group will begin documenting small turbine installations around Alaska, noting important details and highlighting failures. In addition, the group would like to support the development of a small wind test site.


Katherine Keith, Wind-Diesel Applications Center, UAF

Phone: (907) 982-5977

This information was last updated on March 03, 2013