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Economic Impact: Wind Energy Development in Illinois

Economic Impact: Wind Energy Development in Illinois

Date: 6/30/2012

Location: IL

Prepared by the Center for Renewable Energy at Illinois State University, this report analyzes the economic impacts of Illinois wind projects that exceed 50 MW of capacity. A number of factors have contributed to the growth of wind power capacity in Illinois from 50 MW in 2003 to 3,334.91 MW in 2012, including federal and state policies, energy security, energy costs, environmental benefits, and economic development opportunities. One key policy driver in Illinois was the passage of the Illinois Power Agency Act in 2007. The act included a Renewable Portfolio Standard of 25% by 2025, of which 75% of the renewable energy resources must come from wind.

It is important that stakeholders and decision makers are educated about the economic development impact wind energy has brought to the state and local communities so that informed decisions regarding future adoption of wind energy projects can be made. By analyzing the impacts of Illinois' wind energy, this report supplies interested parties with information concerning the economic development benefits of wind energy.

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