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Economic Development Case Studies Webinar

Economic Development Case Studies Webinar

Date: 2/17/2010

Contact: Garrett Shields, BCS Inc.

Phone: (303) 425-6800 ext. 469

Audio and text versions of the Webinar are available (WMV 15.3 MB) Download Windows Media Player. Time: 01:25:33. Text Version.

This Webinar explored how communities and utilities benefit from the development of wind projects. In addition to lease payments to landowners and increased tax revenues to local governments and school districts, wind power projects create jobs, helping to stem the decline in population/customer base in many rural areas, increase demand for local services and supplies, and diversify utility resource portfolios, reducing risk and price volatility. Presenters addressed these benefits through case studies as well as presented models that can be used to estimate local economic benefits.

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