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Renewable Energy Siting Study

Renewable Energy Siting Study

Date: 4/30/2009

Location: MA

This report, Renewable Energy Siting Study, documents the findings of the study and presents conclusions and recommendations for the state to consider as it explores ways to further encourage the development of appropriate wind power projects.


Massachusetts' Green Communities Act established an advisory commission to investigate many aspects of energy facility siting. The Act charged this advisory commission with the task of determining whether "current laws and regulations do not adequately facilitate the siting of renewable and alternative energy facilities, or whether they make it more difficult to site renewable energy facilities than fossil-fueled energy facilities" and "to make recommendations for changes to such laws and regulations." (See Acts of 2008, Chapter 169, section 89.) To assist with this task, the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs engaged TRC Environmental Corporation (TRC) to conduct a study to assess the regulatory and permitting process for wind power development in Massachusetts, identify delays associated with the local and state permitting process, and evaluate if those delays have significantly affected the development of wind power projects and imposed unreasonable costs upon project proponents.

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