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Wind Energy and Green Jobs

Wind Energy and Green Jobs

Date: 2/28/2009

Source: Governors' Wind Energy Coalition.

The Governors' Wind Energy Coalition is a bipartisan group of 24 of the nation's governors dedicated to expanding development of wind resources to meet America's domestic energy demands in an environmentally responsible manner — while reducing the nation's dependence on imported fuel sources.

At a time when bad economic news seems to be the status quo, the wind power industry stands out as an inspiring "green jobs" success story. Wind power can lead the way on the green jobs front, helping to achieve the nation's goal of reviving the U.S. economy with clean energy technologies. This report "Wind Energy and Green Jobs (PDF 1.8 MB) Download Adobe Reader" profiles the economic development benefits of five states that are members of Governors' Wind Energy Coalition: California, Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota and Oregon.

In order to meet the full economic development potential from wind energy, the Governors' Wind Energy Coalition endorses the following policies:

  • Adopt a National Renewable Electricity Standard of 20 percent Renewable Energy
  • Support construction of New Interstate Electric Transmission "Smart" Grid
  • Expand U.S. Department of Energy's Work with States and the Wind Industry to Accelerate Innovation
  • Adopt a Long-Term Production Tax Credit for Wind Energy

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