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Electric Cooperative Wind Project Case Studies Webinar

Electric Cooperative Wind Project Case Studies Webinar

Date: 9/23/2009

Contact: Ryan Harry, BCS Incorporated

Phone: (303) 425-6800

Audio and text versions of the Webinar are available (WMV 22.1 MB) Download Windows Media Player. Time: 02:11:17. Text Version.

This webinar presented the unique challenges of developing wind power projects from the electric cooperative's perspective. Four case studies examined a variety of issues related to cooperative-owned projects.

Sponsors include: National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, American Public Power Association — DEED program, Western Area Power Administration, U.S. DOE Wind and Hydropower Technologies Program, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Utility Wind Integration Group, American Wind Energy Association — AWEA Utility Working Group, National Wind Coordinating Collaborative.

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