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Michigan's Offshore Wind Potential

Michigan's Offshore Wind Potential

Date: 9/30/2008

Location: MI

Contact: Dr. Soji Adelaja

Phone: (517) 432-8800

Source: Land Policy Institute, Michigan State University.

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The preliminary analysis finds that Michigan's portion of the Great Lakes has the capacity to produce 321,936 Megawatts of electricity from wind energy, a portion of which could be developed once depth, technology, view and environmental concerns are considered. Michigan's onshore wind potential was previously estimated at approximately 16,500 megawatts. The information provided by the new Land Policy Institute report shows much more substantial opportunities for offshore wind energy.

The report is intended to inform policy in the state about Michigan's additional wind power potential offshore and the need for state policies to guide offshore wind development.

This information was last updated on September 30, 2008