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Agricultural Outreach Webcast

Agricultural Outreach Webcast

Date: 12/13/2007

A presentation and accompanying audio by Larry Flowers, Wind Powering America Technical Director, National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

This presentation illustrates the growth of installed wind capacity; people want renewable energy. The United States leads the world in annual wind capacity additions and is third in cumulative capacity. The United States lags behind other countries for wind as a percentage of electricity consumption. The presentation also shows a map of the United States' installed wind capacity in 2007 compared to 1999. It goes on to lists the drivers for wind power; illustrates wind cost of energy, natural gas and coal historic prices, renewable portfolio standards, and wind energy investors; lists economic development impacts of wind energy; lists environmental benefits; highlights water issues; highlights case studies and local ownership models; lists key issues for wind power; discusses the 20 percent wind-electricity vision, market challenges, job creation, water savings, and carbon savings.

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