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Demonstration of Shoreline Wind Potential on Lake Erie

Link: Demonstration of Shoreline Wind Potential on Lake Erie

Date: 7/7/2007

Location: Cleveland, OH

Source: Interstate Renewable Energy Council, Small Wind Energy Newsletter, August 2007.

The Renaissance Group, of Kirtland Ohio, erected a new Skystream 3.7 turbine as part of a demonstration workshop at the American Solar Energy Society's Solar 2007 conference held in Cleveland, Ohio. Located on a small grassy patch adjacent to the popular public boat launch ramps along Lake Erie, this turbine is grid connected and generating power behind the meter for the adjacent Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District water treatment plant. While the 1.8 kW turbine is tiny in comparison to the power needs of this plant, its visibility to the public and demonstration of shoreline wind potential is valuable.

This information was last updated on July 07, 2007