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Hull Municipal Light Installs Small Wind Turbine

Hull Municipal Light Installs Small Wind Turbine

Date: 1/31/2007

Location: Hull, MA

Hull Municipal Light recently installed a Southwest Windpower Skystream at the entrance to town at the site of a future environmental center. The town of Hull already has two community-scale wind turbines: Hull 1, a Vestas V47, 660 kW turbine and Hull 2, a Vestas V80, 1.8 MW turbine.

More Information

The installation and photos

TheBostonChannel.com (January 31, 2007). "Residents Turn To Windmills To Power Homes." The article discusses the cost of installing a small wind turbine, how much money a small wind turbine can save an average household on their energy expenses each year, and more.

TheBostonChannel.com "Power of Wind." Video.

This information was last updated on January 31, 2007