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New Jersey advocates hope for shift in the wind-power push

New Jersey advocates hope for shift in the wind-power push

Date: 10/7/2006

Location: NJ

Press of Atlantic City.
State and federal officials, wind power entrepreneurs, financiers, academics and environmentalists met October 6, 2006 at Rowan University to map out a strategy to bring wind energy to New Jersey.

This group of volunteer wind supporters will focus on making wind power a viable option, through public education, zoning changes, state tax credit programs, and networking.

The article goes on to discuss why participants think wind has not taken off in New Jersey citing reasons such as low wind speeds for utility-scale wind power; public opposition due to concerns about unsightliness, noise, danger to birds and bats; zoning; and the New Jersey renewable energy credit system.

Instead of pushing for large, utility-scale wind projects, the group will push to install private wind turbines serving farms, businesses, utilities, and private homeowners. The wind turbine owner would be paid for excess energy fed back into the grid.

This information was last updated on October 27, 2006