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Michigan: State Energy Plan to Outline Path to Affordable, Reliable Electricity

Michigan: State Energy Plan to Outline Path to Affordable, Reliable Electricity

Date: 4/6/2006

Location: Lansing, MI

Contact: Heidi Watson

Phone: 517-335-6397

Office of the Governor.
Governor Jennifer M. Granholm issued an executive directive (2006-2) calling for the development of a comprehensive energy plan for the state of Michigan. The plan will outline ways to provide affordable, reliable, safe, and clean electricity for citizens and businesses. Granholm charged Peter Lark, chairman of the Michigan Public Service Commission, with beginning the development of the plan immediately and presenting it to her by December 31, 2006.

"Michigan has the capability to become America's alternative energy development epicenter, and that offers a tremendous opportunity to diversify our economy and provide high-tech, high-wage, 21st century jobs to our residents," Granholm said. "It is our duty to find a way to increase Michigan's energy independence, and in the process, develop affordable, efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly electric sources powered by Michigan's businesses, Michigan innovation, and Michigan workers."

The plan will encourage the state to seek alternative and renewable sources of energy as alternatives to traditional electricity generation. As part of the directive, the Governor has also asked Chairman Lark to establish a renewable energy portfolio for the state. The portfolio will encourage the production and use of alternative energy sources in Michigan by requiring that a certain percentage of the state's energy supply come from renewable sources.

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