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Rediscovering The Wind

Rediscovering The Wind

Date: 9/1/2004

Location: MO

Anderson, R. Missouri Resources; Vol. 21, No. 3, Fall 2004.
This article (PDF 2.6 MB) Download Adobe Reader discusses how a Missouri farmer is using a loaned wind speed sensor and electronic data logger on a 20-meter tower, at no cost, from the Department of Natural Resources' Energy Center Anemometer Loan Project to determine whether his alfalfa field has strong enough wind above it to justify installing a wind turbine. The League of Women Voters of Missouri is supporting state legislation that will encourage the development and use of renewable energy statewide. The reasons for support is due to health benefits as well as developing domestic energy sources helps the economy. Updated state wind maps are also available for Missouri that predict wind speeds at 30, 50, 70, and 100 meters. The article explains how these wind maps can be used by people looking to install small wind turbines for their home or farm and how the maps can be used for utility-scale wind development. Finally, the article discusses what municipally-owned and invester-owned utilities are doing to include wind energy in their energy portfolios and offer wind energy to their customers.

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