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Past Events in Wyoming

1 event(s).

Wyoming Roping the Wind Renewable Energy Conference

Date: 8/21/2003 to 8/22/2003

Location: Douglas, WY

Contact: Steve Palomo

Phone: 303-275-4838

The Wyoming State Energy Office and state wind and renewable energy advocates hosted their first statewide wind and renewable energy conference. Over 150 key stakeholders attended, including the Governor and Department of Energy Assistant Secretary of Energy, David Garman. The Department of Energy Denver Regional Office participated by providing three speakers who provided presentations on wind, solar, and Rebuild America. Key audience participants included county officials, rural landowners, local manufacturers and developers, and local state and federal officials. Proceedings are available on CD-ROM. Please contact Ed Werner, Converse Area New Development Organization. Also, contact Ed Werner if you have suggestions for future wind workshops. Attendees suggested follow up workshops focusing on grant applications or building specific types of installations. There were also suggestions to establish a regional renewable energy association, which would gather and distribute information about renewable energy opportunities and projects in the region. To discuss further, please contact Ed Werner.