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Past Events in New York

5 event(s).

First International Small Wind Association of Testers Conference

Date: 4/24/2012 to 4/26/2012

Location: Ithaca, NY

Agenda items include international test center updates, small wind certification and accreditation, towers and blades, standards and technical sessions, equipment, safety, updates on country requirements, and incentives.

Clean Energy Workforce: Education Conference

Date: 3/8/2011 to 3/10/2011

Location: Saratoga, NY

Wind Powering America staff will be attending. This event offers current information on instructional strategies, curricula development, credentialing, and best practices for training in the renewable energy and energy efficiency fields.

The two-day conference will present some of the best approaches and teaching models underway at community colleges, technical high schools, skill centers, the trades, industry and other training centers and organizations across the country. The conference will be preceded by one day of technical workshops, followed by two days packed with information for those offering or planning training programs (degree granting, certification, continuing education, public education, etc.) for the renewable energy and energy efficiency markets.

IREC Webinar: Connecting to the Grid Guide

Date: 1/26/2010

Location: NY

Source: Interstate Renewable Energy Council.

Net metering and interconnection policies are essential pieces of a supportive modern state-level regulatory policy framework addressing two important aspects of renewable energy development: whether a customer investing in renewable generation can unlock the full value of his or her investment; and how that customer will interconnect his or her generation system to the distribution grid. This seminar is designed to provide participants with a better understanding of the key issues in these policies and the process behind rulemaking proceedings at state utilities commissions. Participants will gain an understanding of the prevailing trends in net metering and interconnection policy and how the Interstate Renewable Energy Council approaches its work in advocating best practices. States which are considering the revision of 1st or 2nd generation rules will benefit from the presentation of recent engineering-based analysis of the previously made "cross-subsidy" claims, along with evidence on the expansion of unreasonably low aggregate limitations.

This Webinar will also hit the highlights of the Interstate Renewable Energy Council's recently released "Connecting to the Grid Guide, 6th edition." The "Connecting to the Grid Guide" is an important tool that is designed for state regulators and other policymakers, utilities, industry representatives and consumers interested in the development of state-level interconnection standards.

New Great Lakes Wind Collaborative to Hold 1st Annual Meeting

Date: 5/6/2008 to 5/7/2008

Location: Buffalo, NY

Contact: John Hummer

Hyatt Regency Hotel.

The Great Lakes Wind Collaborative (GLWC) will hold its 1st Annual Meeting May 6-7, 2008 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Buffalo, New York. The meeting will provide an opportunity for interested stakeholders to learn more about this new collaborative and become engaged in wind issues on a regional level. Presentations on the role of wind energy in meeting the Great Lakes region's energy needs of the 21st century as well as the Midwestern Governors Association's Energy Security and Climate Change Platform and its implications for wind energy in the Great Lakes region will be part of the program. Topical presentations and discussions on issues surrounding off shore wind development and environmental and wildlife impacts of wind power are also part of the two-day event. The newly-formed GLWC will unveil a first year workplan. Participants will be invited to provide feedback on the first year activities.

Breakout sessions will further provide participants with an opportunity to help shape future activities of the Great Lakes Wind Collaborative. Specific topical areas to be discussed include environmental planning, siting and permitting, research gaps, off shore aspects, transmission and power system integration, and economic development aspects of wind power. Interested stakeholders can go to the Web site to sign up for periodic updates on GLWC activities. A draft agenda and registration information for the meeting will be available on the GLWC Web site in the near future.

The GLWC is a group established to build consensus and identify and address issues affecting the planning, development, and operation of wind power facilities in the Great Lakes region. The GLWC provides a forum for dialogue and an opportunity for analysis and exchange of information among key stakeholders to facilitate sustainable wind power development in the region.

The Great Lakes Commission serves as the Secretariat for the GLWC, with funding in part from the U.S. Department of Energy - National Renewal Energy Laboratory.

NY-PA Wind Forum and Workshop

Date: 7/25/2001 to 7/26/2001

Location: Albany, NY

The workshop provided a technical orientation on modern practices for wind energy development. The workshop sought to address the needs and concerns of state and local government officials, representatives from the agricultural sector, as well as for those who wanted an in-depth introduction to the material that was to be presented and discussed at the forum. The workshop addressed regional wind resources and site assessment, provided an overview of large- and small-scale wind turbine technologies and their uses, reviewed economics and environmental issues, and provided a roundtable to discuss the opportunities for farming communities. The forum reinforced the sense that wind can provide significant energy, environmental and economic benefits to the region, and identified key obstacles standing in the way of achieving broad enabling energy policy. The event fostered increased public and private stakeholder interaction and participants were able to brainstorm on approaches to removing or otherwise overcoming obstacles to wind development. Participants learned about the obstacles of moving wind energy from development to market and options to overcome these barriers through the perspective of wind experts on financial, development, policy, and marketing issues.