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Past Events in Kansas

18 event(s).

Kansas Energy Conference

Date: 9/25/2012 to 9/26/2012

Location: Manhattan, KS

Contact: Susan NeuPoth Cadoret

Phone: (785) 296-7198

Hilton Garden Inn Hotel and Manhattan Conference Center

This information was last updated on June 05, 2012

Planned topics include wind, solar, energy efficiency, and biofuels. John Graham, President and CEO of BP Wind Energy, is a featured speaker.

Kansas Energy Conference

Date: 10/12/2010 to 10/13/2010

Location: Wichita, KS

Contact: Karen McDaneld

Phone: (785) 271-3170

Wichita's Century II Performing Arts & Convention Center.

Wind Powering America staff will be attending: Becki Meadows, senior engineer, NREL and Eric Lantz, energy analyst, NREL.

Planned program agenda will include sessions on the following topics:

  • Wind energy: manufacturing and supply chain.
  • Solar energy: emerging technologies, both PVE and solar thermal.
  • Energy efficiency and conservation: cost-effective approaches to residential and commercial retrofits, updates on state and federal initiatives, including energy codes.
  • Accessing state and federal funds for public projects: available resources and best practices for public projects.

Who should attend? Representatives of energy-related industries, utilities, cities, counties, state agencies, colleges and universities, community colleges and technical schools, and Unified School Districts, as well as the interested public.

Kansas Wind and Renewable Energy Conference

Date: 10/6/2009 to 10/7/2009

Location: Topeka, KS

Contact: Karen McDaneld

Phone: (785) 271-3170

Topeka Ramada Inn.

Jointly hosted by the State Energy Office and the Kansas Department of Commerce, the conference is an opportunity for state and regional officials and stakeholders to discuss the future of renewable energy and energy efficiency in Kansas. This year's conference will feature breakout sessions on the following topics:

  • Renewable Energy

    Including an expanded discussion of wind generation as well as solar, biofuels, and other alternative energy resources.

  • Transmission Issues

    An update on transmission infrastructure including expansion and integration of wind and regulation at the state, regional, and federal levels.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Addressing a variety of energy conservation and efficiency issues for residential consumers, commercial businesses, and local units of government.

  • Economic Development

    Including wind manufacturing and business development, as well as green job workforce development, and federal recovery programs.

Wind Energy Development: Key Financial Considerations Webcast

Date: 2/27/2009

Location: KS

11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. CST
U.S. and world financial markets are undergoing a historic restructuring, which is reshaping the supply and demand for long term capital. Wind energy is especially sensitive to changes in credit terms. This presentation will delineate implications of 1) the 2008 Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, 2) the accompanying tax relief act, and 3) recent Wall Street events for small and large wind project development.

Please see the flyer (PDF 101 KB) Download Adobe Reader for the Webinar address and additional information.

Basics of Farm/Residential Small Wind Turbines Webinar

Date: 2/13/2009

Location: KS

11:00 a.m. - 12: 30 p.m. CST; 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. MST
This Webcast gives an overview of small wind turbines. Topics to be covered include: applications, estimating wind turbine production, policies and economics, the process for installing small wind turbines, small wind system components, and technology questions. This presentation gives participants the tools needed to determine if a wind system is appropriate to a particular application and to avoid common pitfalls encountered in analyzing and executing small wind turbine projects.

Please see the flyer (PDF 102 KB) Download Adobe Reader for the Webinar address and additional information.

Kansas Wind Working Group

Date: 12/17/2008

Location: Topeka, KS

Washburn University.

10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
The Kansas Wind Working Group (WWG) is a 33-member group announced by Governor Kathleen Sebelius on Jan. 7, 2008. Formed through Executive Order 08-01, the WWG will educate stakeholder groups with the current information on wind energy markets, technologies, economics, policies, prospects and issues. Please see the Web site for an agenda.

Kansas Wind and Renewable Energy Conference

Date: 9/23/2008 to 9/24/2008

Location: Topeka, KS

Ramada Inn Downtown.

Ninth annual event covering renewable energy and energy efficiency; featuring nationally prominent speakers and workshops on various topics.

Kansas Wind Working Group

Date: 6/18/2008

Location: Salina, KS

Salina Chamber of Commerce.

Kansas Wind Working Group Meeting

Date: 4/3/2008

Location: Independence, KS

Kansas Wind Working Group Meeting

Date: 1/18/2008

Location: KS

Kansas Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Conference

Date: 9/25/2007 to 9/26/2007

Location: Topeka, KS

Topeka Ramada Inn.

Kansas Energy Council Meeting

Date: 8/15/2007

Location: Topeka, KS

The Kansas Energy Council is charged with development of a comprehensive state energy plan that includes information about the state's energy resources and recommendations on long-term energy policy to the Governor, Legislature, and Kansas Corporation Commission. All Kansas Energy Council meetings are open to the public.

Kansas Energy Council Meeting

Date: 2/26/2007

Location: Topeka, KS

The Kansas Energy Council is charged with development of a comprehensive state energy plan that includes information about the state's energy resources and recommendations on long-term energy policy to the Governor, Legislature, and Kansas Corporation Commission. All Kansas Energy Council meetings are open to the public.

Kansas Community Wind Workshop

Date: 10/31/2006

Location: Concordia, KS

Contact: Marilyn Martin

Phone: 1-800-729-5101 ext. 201

Brochure (PDF 532 KB) Download Adobe Reader.

The workshop, the first of its kind in Kansas, is designed to inform and educate local officials, members of the business and agricultural communities, and the general public about community wind energy.

Community wind energy is locally owned, commercial-scale wind projects that optimize local benefits. Locally owned means that one or more members of the local community have a significant direct financial interest in the project.

With significant wind energy projects becoming a reality in Kansas and other states, interest in community wind energy is increasing among farmers and communities across the country. Locally-owned and community-based wind projects provide an opportunity to generate both energy and revenue while keeping energy dollars local and protecting the environment from air and water pollution.

Dr. Richard Underbakke, President of Cloud County Community College will kick-off the conference, followed by presentations and panel discussions by experts in the field of wind energy, including a legislative panel.

Speakers include Tom Wind, a well-known community wind project consultant from Jefferson, Iowa. Mr. Wind has been involved in several wind energy generation projects and has authored several studies concerning the economic feasibility of wind generation projects.

Lisa Daniels, founder and executive director of Windustry located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, will also be speaking at the workshop. She was recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy, Wind Powering America (WPA) program, in 2004 with a Regional Wind Advocacy Award for regional leadership, creativity, and commitment to wind energy development, and again in 2005 with an Outstanding Partnership Award for participation on the WPA agriculture outreach team, leadership in community wind development, and outreach on the USDA Farm Bill initiative.

Other speakers include Joe King, Coriolis; Jennifer States, JW Prairie Windpower LLC; Joe Harkins, Special Assistant to Governor Sebelius; and Ken Frahm with the Kansas Energy Council.

The Community Wind Tool Kit, developed for the Kansas Energy Office and the Kansas Department of Commerce, will be presented at the conference as a resource tool to assist Kansas communities in analyzing the potential for a community wind project.

A registration fee is $10 per person includes lunch and a CD of the new Kansas Community Wind Tool Kit.

The workshop will also be broadcast at ITV (interactive television) remote sites at Butler County Community College, Colby Community College, Dodge City Community College, and the Pioneer Communications Center in Ulysses.

The workshop is a collaborative effort sponsored by Kansas Energy Office, Cloud County Community College, Kansas Farm Bureau, Kansas Farmers Union, The Kansas Rural Center and the U.S. Department of Energy — Wind Powering America.

Distributed Wind Energy Workshop: Workshop on Wind Generation for Electric Cooperatives and Public Power Utilities

Date: 10/3/2002 to 10/4/2002

Location: Lawrence, KS

Contact: Michele Weiss, Conference Coordinator, AWS Scientific, Inc.

Phone: 518-437-8660

The Department of Energy's Wind Powering America Program, the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association's (NRECA) Cooperative Research Network, American Public Power Association (APPA), and Kansas Representative Tom Sloan organized this workshop to discuss a variety of issues important to the cooperative and public power sector.

Regional electric cooperative representatives, public utility representatives, and other industry experts with experience in wind power applications provided practical information on a number of topics, including: the economics of wind energy, opportunities and barriers to future wind development, how to conduct a wind energy feasibility study, building a business case for wind financing, understanding customer demand for wind power, how to effectively market green power to your customers, impact of distributed wind applications on the utility grid, State and Federal incentives for wind development, description of NRECA's and APPA's wind-related program initiatives, and hybrid system applications.

This one and a half day workshop provided practical information needed to identify and understand regional market opportunities in the near term and to assess wind energy's potential contribution in the future.

Kansas Wind Energy 2002 Conference

Date: 10/1/2002 to 10/2/2002

Location: Lawrence, KS

Contact: Jo Cook, Pinnacle Technology

Phone: 785-832-8866

Tuesday's meeting, October 1st, was devoted to small (farm/residential) wind and solar systems. Representatives from the U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Department of Agriculture discussed federal activities and leading manufacturers discussed state-of-the art wind and solar systems. Interconnect issues and state policies around the U.S. were addressed.

The second full day of the meeting, October 2nd, focused on commercial wind farm development in the state. Sessions included overviews from federal representatives followed by breakout sessions on transmission issues, landowner/lease issues and economic development.

Kansas State Wind Workshop

Date: 10/22/2001

Location: Dodge City, KS

Over 350 people attended. Stakeholder groups attended including seven state representatives (including the Chair of the Energy Committee), eight mayors, national and international wind manufacturers/developers, trade companies, rural economic development organizations, landowners, rural electric cooperatives, Native American tribes, and other key state, federal, private sector, and non-profit organizations. The event drew strong media coverage and generated strong momentum among all stakeholder groups to increase large- and small-scale wind development. The Department of Energy Denver Regional Office (DRO) Wind Powering America (WPA) staff provided the keynote address on behalf of the national Wind Powering America Program. The event closed with a tour of the wind farm that was being constructed near Montezuma, the first ever large-scale farm in Kansas. Attendees had the opportunity to witness first hand the new generation wind farm. All attendees were "sold" on the technology, the rural economic benefits, and the need for energy diversity in Kansas. The DRO WPA staff are working with key stakeholders to form a state wind coalition and pursuing follow-up activities to promote development.

Kansas Wind Energy 2000

Date: 7/24/2000

Location: Manhattan, KS

Over 350 people attended.