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Anemometer Loan Programs and Data

Wind Powering America supports state and Native American anemometer loan programs and collaborates with the Western Area Power Administration's anemometer loan program. Anemometer data can help businesses, developers, farmers, ranchers, homeowners, and municipalities determine whether there is enough wind energy at a site to make a wind turbine investment economically feasible. Each anemometer collects wind-speed data in 10-minute intervals. Such data can also aid windfarm developers in determining whether an area is suitable for developing a large-scale wind farm.

State Anemometer Loan Programs and Data

The U.S. map below shows which states have anemometer loan programs. Click on a state to read more about a program, eligibility, and to access data files.

Native American Anemometer Loan Program and Data

The program allows Native American tribes to borrow anemometers and the equipment needed for installation so that they may measure the wind resource on tribal lands. By significantly reducing the cost of quantifying the wind resource on tribal lands, Wind Powering America expects that more tribes will be encouraged to install wind turbines. Wind Powering America provides anemometer data or reports from the Native American anemometer loan program and anemometer loans provided by the Western Area Power Administration.